• Where it all started

    Myloskart was Co-Founded by Manoj Verma and Relda Emillin in June 2019 as a family run business.

    Being the mother of three lovely children, there always seemed to be a lingering concern of how food staples were sourced and its purity. This led me to prepare my own food items like spices, wheat flour etc. from scratch. Here is an interesting fact: India is the largest consumer of Palm oil, however it is not used in most homes. So where does it all this oil go? It is consumed by major food industries to make all kinds of processed foods like biscuits, cookies, chips etc.

    Myloskart's Birth

    Food adulteration frustrated us and I started grinding my own spices. I even baked cookies and cakes at home to give my kids healthy and wholesome snacks. One day I ventured out to buy whole wheat grain and I milled it into flour. And viola!...this was the starting point of Myloskart. Being fully aware of the busyness of life and the lack of authentic and freshly sourced food, my husband, Manoj and I, envisioned to provide both families and individuals these products with the additional benefit of it being delivered to their door steps. This was the birth of Myloskart.

    What it means today

    After much planning and research we embarked on our entrepreneurial journey. We began with just 14 products and no customers. Today, after a year, we are delighted and grateful to say that we have over 50 products and more than 450 satisfied customers.

    As a startup, the challenges we faced during the initial stages were many, yet we did not let it affect the quality of our products and services. A common question that customers ask us is : "How can we be assured that your products are fresh and non adulterated?" Our honest answer has always been, Test our products, and be the judge of its freshness & purity. Our Mission is to provide wholesome and fresh food while fighting against adulteration.

    Like the old saying, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". We at Myloskart want to thank you for making this journey possible through your valuable feedback, patience and encouragement over the last year.