Myloskart is a company which was started with a vision of providing fresh, non-adulterated, preservative free and homemade food items to its customers. With this mission we offer variety of staples, spices, pickles, bakes, dairy and many more items and deliver them fresh every day at your doorstep.

    Currently Myloskart sells various kinds of flours, spices, oils, dairy, bakes, pickles and homemade sweets. We constantly work towards adding even more products in our list which can keep you healthy and provide you a better taste.

    To understand this better, you may refer "About As" section of our website. But briefly we can explain that we do not process our flours, spices in advance. We collect orders every day and do batch processing daily, which provides freshness of products to our customers’ every day. Even our dairy products are processed once a week which ensures that weekly deliveries are always fresh.

    Since delivery is managed by ourselves, we are able to delivery it fresh every day. We do not rely on any external delivery partners.

    We provide flours, spices and other items which are freshly ground on the same day whereas the items you get in the market are months old and are prepared in bulk using preservative so that they can have a longer shelf life. We produce our items in very small batches which cost us much higher for every batch. What this means is that we operate with thin margins and for us to break even we need to add a delivery charge based on the order amount. Currently order worth Rs.450 and above is entitled for free delivery.

    Currently we don’t have andoid or iOS app for online shopping. All our online shopping is done through our website www.myloskart.com only. We have plans to launch the app soon in future.

    We support all digital mode of payments, UPI mode and Cash on delivery.

    No, there is no additional charge. Prices displayed in the website or in the app include everything.

    Prices displayed in the website and in the app include GST.

    Please refer our "Cancellation and Refund" policy to know more about this.